Successful Prospecting Tips

Hello! Last week, I had a meeting with a prospect for my sales leads program. When we concluded our meeting, my new customer said ‘you did your research, you really knew a lot about me.’ See the short article below to learn what I did to prepare to help make our meeting so successful.

Last week, I had a great meeting with a new prospect who became a new customer. I applied the same preparation strategy for the meeting that I use every day in my tele-prospecting calls.

Before I make a call to a prospect, I do three things:

1. Google the prospect’s name for current online business intelligence

2. Review the company’s website for insights into the company’s current condition. For example, I look for product information, press releases, events, corporate personnel and company challenges and successes.

3. LinkedIn: I study the prospect’s LinkedIn profile for intelligence and talking points in our conversation. I review the contacts that the prospect and I have in common and who can I ask for an introduction if necessary. I study the prospect’s resume and work history, their educational history and the groups that they belong to. All of these points give me many talking points to help turn a cold call into a warm conversation. 

In our meeting, I told him that I noticed that he attended the same college as my daughter. He reminisced about his college days as I prepared my computer for the presentation. We exchanged stories about parent’s visits to college. His LinkedIn profile told me that he enjoyed jogging along Kelly Drive and I shared my experiences when it was called East River Drive. I continued with my presentation which led to him signing up as a new customer. As I was leaving the meeting, I complimented him on his beautiful wife whose picture I saw on their Facebook page. That is when my new customer told me that “you did your research, you really knew a lot about me.”

I don’t know how much my research played a part in this successful sales meeting, but I am sure it helped. I showed him that I was interested in him as a person and his success and not just as another prospect. The extra few minutes it took to learn more about my prospect were well worth the investment.

Mike Hilbert

Successful Prospecting Tips