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Great Prospects Sales Leads with names of decision makers who are making news and gives you the intelligence for informed conversations. Our in-depth profiles contain all the contact information plus website, email address and LinkedIn profiles when available.

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Your Bonus With Each Subscription

Intelligent Prospecting System

  • Sales Solutions will provide you with guidance and suggestions in composing a letter of congratulation or introduction as part of the relationship building during the prospecting process
  • Sales Solutions will implement a twice-weekly reminder program through e-mail, text messaging or voice mail to remind you or the administrator to select the leads in their target market and make contact through a letter of congratulations or introduction
  • Sales Solutions will work with you or your sales administrator to establish a Telephone Follow-up program in order to arrange qualified appointments
  • Sales Solutions will help you implement a Social Media Prospecting Plan including the use of website research, permission-based email messaging, and the establishment of connections through LinkedIn Social Media
  • Sales Solutions will work with you or your MIS administrator to set up a conversion from our weekly Excel file to your CRM system for easy import of sales leads.