Exceed Your Personal and Business Goals

Great Prospects Sales Leads gives you the tools to increase your sales through better prospecting outcomes.

  • Business Intelligence and Prospecting System gives you:
  • Better Prospecting Outcomes
  • More Face-To-Face Selling Opportunities
  • Reduce Your Sales Cycle
  • Informed Conversations
  • In-Depth Profiles including LinkedIn
  • Questions:
  • Are you finding it more difficult to reach your prospect by telephone?
  • Are you having a hard time getting past the gatekeeper?
  • Do you have a Feast or Famine sales cycle?

Great Prospects Sales Leads gives you money-making prospecting techniques and sales funnel management with a constant flow of qualified leads to fill you sales funnel.

Great Prospect’s Promise and Difference

Our Promise
Great Prospects Sales Leads delivers to you 50 to 60 current, local and targeted sales leads of decision makers in your local area who are making news. Each Monday morning, you will receive all the contact information that you need to add them to your sales funnel.

  • *Mailing Address
  • *Telephone Number
  • *Website
  • *Email Address & LinkedIn Profile (when available)
  • *”In The News”

Our Difference
Great Prospects Sales Leads provides you with a reason to contact the prospects on our lists. We give you the reason that they are making news so you can use that intelligence to connect with the prospect. As Gene Marks told us “…with the notes you provided, now I have something to talk to these people about when I make contact.”


Accountability Coaching Program
Our sales coaches give you friendly reminders to pick your top prospects from the weekly list and help you draft the targeted communications you need to turn a name on the list into a warm lead.

What Makes Great Prospects Different?

Other sales leads programs are just list of names and addresses that are sometimes old and inaccurate. The person listed has moved on to another company or the contact information is incorrect. You end up wasting your time verifying the contact information and if you do a mailing, you have returned mail wasting your valuable resources. Plus the expense of postage, your letterhead and brochure all wasted.

Great Prospects Sales Leads are Guaranteed Accurate, Fresh and Current. Each week our successful subscribers receive 50 to 60 names of decision makers in their target market who are making news. These decision makers have recently received a promotion, moved to a new position in a new company, been appointed to a board of directors, received an award or reached a career milestone. This intelligence gives you a reason to contact your prospects and results in a more informed conversation when you reach them.

You are “Turning a Cold Call into a Warm Conversation.