An Interview with Mike Hilbert by Rick Simmons,
Dinkum Interactive

Rick: How did you come up with the idea for your sales leads program?

Mike: Great Prospects Sales Leads grew out of a need for current, accurate and local sales leads for the companies that we were selling for. We needed to track our client’s decision-makers movements wither they were moving to a new position in a new company or receiving a promotion within their company.

Rick: How did you gather this information to help you with your prospecting process?

Mike: We started by researching the People in the News sections of the local business newspapers and also subscribed to multiple press release services in order to learn about the latest executive moves or newsworthy events. Then we would research the person’s contact information such as mailing address, telephone number, the company’s website address, email address and LinkedIn Profile address so our subscribers could to start the prospecting process with this intimate intelligence. We took advantage of having the intelligence of knowing why they were in the news by mailing letters of introduction or congratulations for their accomplishments. That was the beginning of the prospecting process.

Rick: How did you turn this process into a business?

Mike: At one point in time, we had compiled an impressive list of “Who’s New” in the Philadelphia marketplace. It dawned on us that this intelligence was also valuable to other sales teams and entrepreneurs for their prospecting process. We started getting feedback that the Great Prospects Sales Leads helped them increase their sales by using this business intelligence to produce better prospecting outcomes. That was five years ago and we have since expanded the intelligence we provide by adding the newsmaker’s email address and LinkedIn Profile address. With these new social selling tools, our subscribers can learn about the prospects connections, groups and affiliations, educational history and current employment or business before they make the prospecting call or arrange an in-person appointment.

Rick: What areas do you cover and do you have plans for expansion?

Mike: Currently, Great Prospects covers the Philadelphia region which includes the areas from Princeton in the North to Wilmington in the South, all of South Jersey and West to the Exton/Downingtown areas. We have plans to expand the sales leads program nationwide into 20 major business centers in the near future beginning with the five boroughs of New York City.

Rick: I understand you also have another business which helps your clients increase their sales.

Mike: I am also president of Sales Pros 4 Hire, an outsourced sales agency that works with entrepreneurs and sales team helping them define their target market; find and qualify prospects; arrange selling appointment and follow up until the sales process conclusion. My sales team also creates customer retention programs to help our clients keep the customers they acquired.

Brief Bio and Contact Information:

Mike Hilbert is a long-time sales professional and owner of Mike Hilbert Sales Solutions, Inc. which is the parent company for Great Prospects Sales Leads and Sales Pros 4 Hire. He has spent the last twenty years helping companies and entrepreneurs increase their sales through better prospecting outcomes. Mike is past president of the Sales & Marketing Executives of Philadelphia; a current board member of Sales & Marketing Executive International; and a past board member of Temple University Fox School Alumni Association and the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce. Mike can be reached at or call (215) 860-6340. Check out his LinkedIn Profile.